Sunday, June 5, 2011

Welcome to Pie Parade

Why Pie? The answer to that question begins 25 years ago when I married a man who had sworn off desserts. It was a real puzzle! Almost everything I knew about cooking and following recipes had come from my teenage years making the Sunday dinner dessert. I loved to peruse my mother’s cookbook collection and look for some new and delectable treat.

Besides, eating dessert alone is just no fun at all! So what to do? Everything changed when I pulled a steaming, beautiful apple pie out of our little apartment oven. This was a dessert my husband couldn’t resist. Now, 25 years later, we are a pie family. We choose pie for birthdays and other special occasions. We love savory pies and fruit pies. Pies are the answer to the question, “What can I do with. . .”

The wonderful part about our love of pie is that we share it with our extended family. Now it seems to be a love shared with a growing number of the population. Maybe folks have always loved pie and are ready to get back to their roots after so much frozen yogurt and so many cupcakes.

Pies are referenced in magazines and on the food shows more and more often. What the world needs now is a pie blog! Thus, Pie Parade -- a group effort from a family of pie lovers who hope to share recipes, store reviews, stories, accessories and innovations with a smattering of quilts, crafts, travel, family fun, faith and parenting, since we love these things too.

Pie Parade comes from a chapter in Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book,  first published in 1950. It was also published as a separate booklet which has an introduction on the first page. I love the first line because even though a publisher would never say the same thing today,  it was absolutely true in my family and solved my worrisome troubles. It says, “Everybody loves Pie, especially the men of the family, and with the help of this booklet you can give them the most tender, flaky pies they’ve ever eaten.”

Welcome to Pie Parade.

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