Thursday, December 15, 2011

Apple Strawberry Basil Hand Pies

If you think making pie is a lot of work, making hand pies takes the cake! But when it's a cold afternoon and you have nothing to do, these babies will bring warmth and love to your table.

On one such afternoon I was browsing some of the foodie blogs and came across this recipe. I grow basil, strawberries and apples, so I was intrigued by the notion of bringing them together. The pies turned out quite delicious and although I wouldn't marry the flavors very often, this was a fun, albeit labor intensive, treat.

Check out the fun blog Passionate About Baking for some beautiful photography and interesting recipes.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wonderful Strawberry Pie

This baked strawberry pie was my very first attempt to make a lattice top. I have practiced a few times since to discover the best way to accomplish this. I tried making the lattice on the countertop and then transfering it to the pie. Although the making part is easier, the transferring part was nearly disasterous. Making the lattice on the pie is a little messy but I think I have figured out how to do a weave more systematically and it works pretty well now.

I got this recipe from my new vintage pie book Farm Journal's Complete Pie Cookbook. In my lifetime I don't think I could ever make all the pies in that book. But I'll try! This was a fun and tasty pie and a good way to have strawberry pie in the winter. I'm working on getting permission to share the recipes but in the meantime, you should just get your own copy! Gotta Love Amazon!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My growing pie plate collection

In order to accomodate my growing collection, I removed a bunch of cake pans from my cupboard and relocated them to a less desireable place in the house. Now I have room for even more pie plates. Every year I tell my husband to just go to Home Goods and buy pretty much anything there for my Christmas present. Last year he bought me these adorable little bugs. Still hoping for a pie plate. . .

Friday, December 9, 2011

Marie Calender's Blueberry Pie

For book club last month we met at Marie Calender's for lunch. I enjoyed my ravioli, Ceasar salad and slice of pie combo. You can't complain about a Marie Calender's pie. For many, it's the standard by which to judge all pie. For most, Marie Calender's is the Go-To pie source.

I, for one, think they are a little too crusty, too expensive, and the cream pies have too much cream on top. But the fillings are always outstanding and the pies always look beautiful. I don't think I've ever made a double crust blueberry, being partial to my amazing fresh blueberry pie, but this was a tasty treat.