Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guest Post: Berry's Pie Pantry

Thanks to my brother Quinn for this field work. I sure wish I had been there with him!

This is in Prescott just off the main drag. It is a very unassuming little restaurant with only ten tables with three very busy servers and a LONG line of people waiting outside to get in. They have an appetizing breakfast and lunch menu, then close at 4:00. I ordered a delicious hot turkey with chilies, cheese and grilled onions with a delicious side of chicken tortilla soup. Since the name IS the Pie Pantry, I couldn't leave without pie, but I was too full, so I took a whole pie home for the whole family.

This is a chocolate meringue pie. I've never had meringue on chocolate. The chocolate was some of the best I've had...more like molded smooth pudding than fluffy dream cream. The meringue looked nice, but didn't add or detract from the quality of the pie. Next time I'm going for a slice of German Chocolate pie.

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  1. Quenta this is one of my favorite places to go in Prescott (mom and dad live there now)....their pies are to die for....can't wait to go back again!!!! Love your blog it is awasome, LOVE making pies myself thanks to my mom who always makes great pies (but now lets me make them for her :) Sherri Dastrup