Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Pie

In our family pie is the preferred dessert over cake. Last week Josiah asked for 3 pies of his very own for his birthday, and it's not even coming for 6 months! Brookie also asked for pies for her birthday party coming up in a couple of weeks. What's amazing, is that they both asked for the exact same three: Pear Raisin, Blueberry and Apple. Of course that's a challenge because pear and apple are fall pies and bluberry is a spring pie. Luckily, in California you can pretty much get any fruit you want at any time of the year. Whew! A pie disaster averted.

This week I made a peach pie for a friend's birthday. I hope she knows how much I love her and that a birthday pie comes with hope for a wonderful, sweet and prosperous coming year.

I also made a peach pie (can you really ever make too many?) for my Mom's birthday. I was really hoping my bird would sing for the birthday girl. Not to be. But Mom loved my peach pie and I love her.

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