Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guest Baker

Eli's 11 year old friend Cole follows Pie Parade so of course we invited him over to help make some Apple Hand Pies with apples from our trees. It was a fun adventure!

First the boys picked apples while I made the dough. Then they used the apple peeler/corer to make slices. After preparing 14 apples, they had to go back and pick 6 more. I guess some of the fruit never made it to the bowl! They mixed in some sugar, flour and cinnamon.

They placed some apple mixture on one side of the dough disc. Next they dampened half the edge with a wet finger.

They needed to seal the edges so all the yummy juices don't leak out during baking.

With 3 cups of flour worth of dough and most of 20 small apples, we yeilded about
24 pies.

Here is the proud baker with the delicious hand pies. Thanks for helping out Cole! Anytime you feel like baking a pie, you know where to come.

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