Friday, August 19, 2011

Quilting is Fun Too.

Would you indulge me for a minute? I just finished this quilt and sent it off to my Cody for his birthday. I'm so proud of him and all he has accomplished in his great life. He served a 2 year mission to Russia, which is how he earned a quilt from his mother. He is also a delight to be around, helpful in many useful ways, as smart as a whip, incredible handsome and fit and treats me like a queen whenever we're together. Even though I couldn't bake him a pie for his birthday, I know he'll appreciate the same feeling of warmth and love a quilt creates. Happy Birthday Cody! I love you.


  1. That looks so beautiful!! I've been looking at lots of DIY and craft blogs lately, and I always compare people's quilts to yours! :) PS. My mom and I have a lot of pie pictures to make a post with as soon as she gets herself back home from AZ!

  2. Well, maybe you should put his phone number up for potential suitors!

  3. A-mazing... something he will treasure for years and years. Ummmm, I served a mission too, how do I get on the waiting list? ;)