Friday, September 23, 2011

Creative Crusts

After you've laid out your crust into your pie dish and poked plenty of holes with a fork, it's time to make it beautiful and appealing. These are the 4 ways I flute or decorate my edges. It takes so little effort to make a plain dessert something beautiful to behold and oh so appetizing. Of course you can go to a lot of effort and create something spectacular as well. Do you have a different method I could try?

1. Use a fork to create lines around the edge.

2. Pinch and twist the edge between your thumb and the side of your pointer finger. Make sure you have extra bulk with this method.

3. Scallop the edges by pushing the dough up between the end of your thumb on one hand and the end of your thumb and pointer of the other hand.

4. This one takes time! Roll out your dough and cut long strips. I actually used my quilting template and and old rotary cutter to get perfect strips. Working on the countertop seal three strips together at one end and braid them together. I worked with shorter lengths and then pasted them together. I laid the long braid all out onto the bottom crust, moistening them slightly so they would adhere better and pasting the two ends together carefully. Watch super carefully as it bakes to not let your fancy braids over-brown.

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