Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Pies

I went to a friend's wedding in Logan, Utah. She had her reception the night before, so right after the ceremony they had a luncheon for the wedding guests. Guess what she served for dessert? Okay, so the pictures gave it away.

Yep, she served pies. All kinds. Cherry, banana cream, chocolate, apple, German chocolate, strawberry, lemon meringue -- basically there was something for everyone. And don't you love the cute little cake pie topper? Her family made it.

The only complaint I had (besides not having a little vanilla ice cream to go with the fruit pies), is that it was self serve, and when you cut the pie, because they were on stands and had no solid foundation, the knife went right through the pie tin. But hey, I'm up for trying tin cream as well.


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