Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pie-zaster! Recipes that didn't work

Mango Cream Pie

Vanilla Roasted Peach Pie

Last week I had company coming for dinner and thought it was a great chance to try a couple of new recipes. I made the Mango Cream pie from MyRecipes.com and the Vanilla Roasted Peach Pie from Health.com. Both pies look so beautiful and inviting! I couldn't wait to dig in! Maybe I shouldn't have waited. . .

The Mango pie called for mango nectar which I didn't have so I used fresh crushed mango instead. The pie had very little flavor and didn't set up at all. Thank goodness for the fresh mango garnish on top.

The peach pie was made with unflavored gelatin, almond milk and Greek yogurt. The custard tasted like milk jello--not very appetizing. The peaches were prepared by roasting them with sugar and lemon juice. They had strong, sweet flavor and I might try cooking them that way again.

I probably won't try these recipes again unless I make some major changes. Fortunately in this wonderful day and age, there are plenty more new recipes to try.

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