Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eli's Pie

Every great once in a while my kids get bored enough to take my suggestion and bake with me. On one Sunday afternoon, I talked Eli into making a pie crust. What could be more fun than playing with pie dough? The end result was a flaky, delicious, maybe not the prettiest, baked crust ready for a tasty filling. We filled the pie with a lemon custard recipe that Aunt Valerie invented. But I’ll let her tell about that in another post! Here is Eli’s first contribution to my pie blog:
"Today I made a pie crust.  First I had to put salt with flour.  Then I put shortening in it and I cut it up with an arch thingy.  Then I made iced water and pored some of it in the dough.  Then I used a fork to make it chunky and then I made it into a ball.  I pulled the ball apart and made it into a disk. 
Then we put flour on it and made it flatter and bigger with a pie rolly thingy.  It made my arms sore and my shoulders ache.  
I folded the crust in half and put it on a pie tin.  I had a folding crease down the middle and didn’t exactly fit perfectly.  I patched it and poked it with a fork.  Then I cooked it and it turned brown.  The pie turned out really really good."
I think he's hooked! Do you let your kids cook in the kitchen with you? 


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